Our Commitment

We continue to love people, vegetables, the earth, water, and nature.
We cherish the beautiful earth and the life it provides.

We cultivate vegetables with less pesticides and chemical fertilizers for the environment.

Most importantly, we aim for a delicious taste the most. "Yummy!"

We perform G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice).

  • Food safety, including the prevention of contamination and foreign matter in agricultural products

  • Environmental protection, such as reducing the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers

  • Occupational safety, such as ensuring safety in agricultural work and taking health conditions into consideration

  • Human rights protection, such as the maintenance of working environments and compliance with working conditions

  • farm management, such as clarification of responsibilities and role assignments, and the implementation of education and training.

G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) leads SDGs

The SDG's aim is to build a better future for sustainability.
G.A.P is a set of laws, norms, etc. that farmers must follow to "ensure sustainability" with reagrds to food safety, occupational safety, environmental protection, human rights protection, and farm business management. In other words, performing G.A.P can also contribute to the SDGs to create a sustainable world.


Our Products


It is grown from late October to late May. They are characterized by slow pinking (browning) of cut cross-sections and good shelf-life, which improves inventory management and reduces sales losses. Even when stored in a refrigerator, the leaves wilt slowly and stay fresh for a long time. It has been evaluated by a third party as having "no bitterness" in taste.


Iceberg lettuce is a ball-shaped lettuce, grown from late October to late May. It is characterized by being lightweight in relation to its ball-shape. Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from home use to processing. It has received third-party evaluations for its sweetness and lack of bitterness.


After harvesting, we keep them at low temperatures to ensure that they are delivered fresh.


It grows from early June to late July. This sweet corn with the beautiful contrast of yellow and white color can be eaten raw. It can also be baked, steamed, or used in a variety of dishes. With a sugar content of nearly 20%, the impact of the sweetness in your mouth is quite different. Once you try it, you will notice the difference.


Onions are shipped from April to August. Since they are not dried onions, they are basically not suitable for long-term storage. However, if they are stored in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight, they can be expected to keep for a longer period of time. The taste has been evaluated as "soft and sweet" by a third party.


Garlic is shipped from mid-May to early June. Since it is not dried garlic, it will be served fresh, but we can also dry or refrigerate it upon request.


Green onions are grown all year round. It can be used for a wide range of products from grilled to condiments. It can be used as an ingredient for new products by switching from leeks and scallions. It's recommendable for various dishes because it doesn't have the bitterness and gouge characteristic of leeks.